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2609WorkPlace is a platform that provides creatives an opportunity to use industrial machines for working with leather.

To support students, graduates and professionals the platform offers all the machines from 10:00 AM until 10:00 PM every day of the week.

My name is Edgar Caufijn.

I followed a three year shoemaking course at the Dutch HealthTech Academy in Utrecht. My  background is in making shoes but tailors, bag-makers or shoemakers are all wellcome.

 During the course the need arose for a place to spend more my shoes.
I figured out I was not the only one in need of a workplace.

My aim is to support individuals by offering them the opportunity to use my workplace at an affordable price in this expensive city.


One day : € 45

Two days (same week) : € 60

One month : € 350

Half year membership per month  : € 290

One year membership per month : € 220


Every person signing up for our platform is required to follow an introduction on personal and machine safety.


There will be a schedule so that everyone has enough time to use the machines efficiently.

More details are to be found in the membership user agreement.






Global 3900DD Flat-stitcher

Originally a flat-stitcher meant for fabric and now is transformed to stitch leather.
This machine is stitching very smooth in various speed-modes that are adjustable for what works the best for you.

Adler 19566 Free-arm stitcher

Adlers are known to be one of the most easy flowing stitching machines there is.
This stitching machine is crucial for making bags and very handy for making leather jackets.

Mebus Sandmachine

Originally meant for cobblers who repair shoes but is functional for crafting shoes on request.

Global Lp9974 Double needle Pillar-stitcher

Ideal for making shoes and to stitch in difficult angles.

Global SK 111 Skive-machine

This brand-new skive-machine is very sharp, accurate easy to sharpen and essential for sewing leather.

Rafflenbeul Half press

This machine is used to press soles or heels to the last and uppers of the shoe. Because it is an half press it can only press the heel or sole of the shoe a time.

More machines will be added to 2609WorkPlace in the following months


Eerste Jan Steenstraat 83
1072 NE Amsterdam

E-mail : 2609workplace@gmail.com

Phone : +31 06 299 21 392


VAT Number : NL217955034B01

Chamber of commerce (KvK) Number : 73758361

* In your e-mail please let us know which material you work with.